We are two sisters and two husbands, raising ten children (currently!) and more than ten cattle on the grasslands of Northern New Mexico.  We come from five generations of ranchers who have known, loved, and cared for the land and its animals for decades.  We are no different.  They raised beef cattle to provide for their families, and we want to provide that beef for yours.  We are your ranchers.  We are Bell Road Beef.

As the sun rises over the New Mexico plains, we rise to begin our days.  From the beginning of new life to harvest, the animals are an extension of each of us. We see life, loss, and everything in between. On Bell Road, these animals have a home…one in which small batches of cattle are raised to the highest standards and eventually brought straight to you.

We do what we do because it matters. We have been given a great charge…to care for, appreciate, and better the land and animals on it.  It is our daily life. We live, work, and dream together. We do this because we want to share with you the livelihood that means so much to us.