March 13

Long Live the American Rancher


Long Live the American Rancher


Britt and I spent our high school years very involved in an organization called Future Farmers of America (FFA). As part of our sophomore year curriculum in agricultural education, we were required to write and deliver a speech about a topic in ag that was relevant to our own aspirations and livelihood. One of the things we wrote about was the monopolization of large corporations in agriculture, which edged out the small producer and spelled disaster for the consumer. The elimination of competition in the market, coupled with the “dumping” of foreign product into the US market that didn’t meet the same health regulations, brought about a sub-standard product whose origins were difficult to trace and whose quality was less than ideal.

Much has been done to fight the monopolies in agriculture with little to no success. The cattle market is one of the only remaining sectors that hasn’t yet been swallowed whole. The small farmer or rancher’s way of life is not feasible for younger generations anymore.

BUT, we are here for the fight. There is much to be gained from a return to the land, from a return to traditional ways of practicing ag— for the land, for the consumer, and for our nation as a whole. Grassroots efforts in an era of extreme connectedness can work for good in a way that is new and exciting.

Bell Road Beef wants to be a part of this— a part of sidestepping the monopolies in creative ways to get you a product you believe in and trust, and to help bring about the possibility of forming families and communities in a way of life that is free from the constraints of suffocating technology.

We love being your ranchers. And we are grateful for the ways you support this little revolution. Long live Future Farmers of America! Long live the American Rancher! 

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About the Author

Rozann Lee is a mother of four, Britt's sister, and the Creative Director for Bell Road Beef. 


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