June 2

Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day Gift Guide


  1. FireDisc Cooker – The premiere Father’s Day gift. Versatile and easy to use, any Dad would love this in his backyard or on a camping trip.
  2. Filson work shirt for summer – Good for mowing, working on the ranch, fishing, or playing in the park with the kids.
  3. James Avery leather bracelet – Our favorite Texas jewelry maker offers a masculine reminder of faith and family, great for any dad.
  4. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (Lou Malnati’s) – Mmmmm. Who doesn’t love deep dish?
  5. Funny beef tee shirt – Is your dad or husband the funny one in the group? And does he love a good steak? And has he been quarantined since March? Have we got the perfect gift for him!
  6. For the guy with the sweet tooth – Another favorite of ours from Big Fat Cookie.
  7. Bell Road Beef Cap – Why not?

Something FREE and FUN from the kids for dad (click here to download). 


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